NCT’s Taeyong Goes Viral For His Unexpected And Drastic Physical Change After Paris Party


NCT‘s Taeyong is going viral for his unexpected and drastic physical change after a party in Paris.

Taeyong recently traveled to Paris, France. He attended the Loewe fashion show, where he made his debut appearance as the global brand ambassador.

While he looked incredibly handsome at the event and made NCTzens proud, it’s a moment afterward that has him going viral right now.

Taeyong also attended the Loewe after-party. NCTzens were excited to see his second look of the night.

What they had not expected was how much Taeyong would have changed from just before the after-party to afterward… While he wore his hair long and straight with fringe in his face, he had a completely different hairstyle by the end of the night!


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Taeyong’s physical transformation from before to after the party went viral with 1M views on Instagram and 306K views on TikTok at the time of writing.

Netizens were not just surprised. They found Taeyong incredibly relatable!

| @neosta1gia/TikTok

Besides, NCTzens were happy that it appeared he had a fun time.

Source: neosta1gia

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