NCTizens And Hip-Hop Fans Get In Heated Debate After Festival Controversy

“Both hiphop fans and NCT fans have blame in any disorder that was caused.”

The 2018 NBA Buzzer Beat Festival in Seoul had a massive lineup of hiphop artists, like Dok2 and Microdot, as well as idols, like NCT127 and Chungha. Fans of all kinds of genres came together and had great fun at the festival!

That is, until some hip-hop fans and NCTizens found themselves in a heated debate over their behavior at the concert.


A furious hip hop fan stirred up some controversy by posting an angry review of what happened at this year’s Buzzer Beat festival. This fan posted a picture of the stage taken at the festival to “prove that [he/she] was actually there and not making this up” and continued to complain about NCTizens’ problematic behavior in the audience.

“I was at the Buzzer Beat hiphop festival today. When NCT127 came out, the fans started pushing everyone around and screaming in everyone’s ears. Then when NCT began throwing hats to the crowd, the fans tried to grab those by elbowing other people’s heads. A hip hop fan got hold of the hat, which a fan stole right out of that person’s hands. Someone tripped and fell because of NCT fans, so people tried to tell them they’re about to kill someone. The fans said, “Why the f*ck should we care?” After NCT127’s performance was over, the fans kept pushing around. When other people in the audience got upset, the fans started cursing and called these people “hip hop losers”. Like… you came to a hiphop festival to see your idol group, who are you calling losers? I honestly can’t deal with NCT fans or idol fans in general. Please… It’s the fans that get me to hate idols.” — Anonymous


NCT fans immediately responded by pointing out such “problematic behavior” was actually mutual.

  • “F*cking hell. Hip hop fans hated on NCT so much when the group came on stage, because they are “idols”. Hip hop fans tried to divide up the audience, calling NCTizens “fangirls” or whatever. You aren’t the only one who can prove you were at the performance. You know if you hate that you weren’t able to get an up close standing seat, like the “fangirls”, maybe you should have spent the night getting in line… And to clarify, NCTizens tried to make room in the front rows by leaving after the group’s performance so you hip hop losers and enjoy your loser hip hop front row. You guys didn’t budge and let the NCT fans out. You guys created the mess. You guys are really losers.”

  • “Wow, way to blame the NCT fans by telling only one side of the story, huh?”

  • “I was there too and I don’t think hip hop fans get to talk about disorder. I’m not a “fan” of any particular artist, but this is exactly why I hate some hip hop fans. You guys hate on idols unreasonably. When NCT127 came on to the stage, you guys first asked, “Why are they here?” When NCTizens took out their lightsticks, you guys said, “Look at those fangirls” and other hateful things. You guys never show any support for idols who come to these festivals. So what is your problem?”

  • “How come you don’t mention that NCT fans were physically hurt too? You guys started picking on us, saying we came to a hip hop festival to see an idol group. When we tried to leave, you guys wouldn’t make way. NCT fans fell and twisted their ankles too. You should either delete this, or write both sides of the story. Both hip hop fans and NCT fans have blame in any disorder that was caused.”

  • “Why was NCT there? What do you mean, NCT models for NBA.”


Some attendees believe the festival organizers didn’t try their best to prevent these types of disorderly behavior from happening.

“I personally don’t understand what was included in the Buzzer Beat festival ticket price. They weren’t prepared to take care of the audience that was in the standing section… I mean I’ve been to many festivals and concerts. Buzzer Beat is the first to treat the crowd like such sh*t.” — Twitter @beakh0

Watch NCT127’s “Cherry Bomb” performance from the Buzzer Beat festival: