NCT’s Jeno Is Alleged To Be Friends With TWICE’s Mina On “Steam” Gaming Platform

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Earlier, it was reported that NCT‘s Jeno accidentally followed TWICE‘s Mina.

Jeno |
Mina | JYP Entertainment

As reported, Jeno almost immediately unfollowed Mina, proving it was most likely an innocent mistake, especially as Jeno does not follow anybody else.

Now further evidence alleging the two idols are, at the very least, acquaintances have been reported.

According to reports on August 30, a netizen online uploaded a post showing NCT Jeno’s friend’s list on Steam. Steam is a video game platform where users can add friends that they play with.

According to the author of the post, Jeno is friends with Mina on the platform. The author of the post states that just because the idols are friends on steam does not mean they are dating.

I’m not sure if they are dating, but Jeno is friends with Mina (myoimo) on Steam. If you search machan0806, it comes out as Jeno’s League of Legends ID. The two played League Of Legends together last year.

— Netizen

Netizens reacted to the revelation with a mixed response. Many netizens were curious how the two idols knew each other, while others stated it was a reach to conclude anything significant between Jeno and Mina solely based on them gaming together.

  • “Sigh, that’s why they tell idols not to use Instagram.”
  • “But, how do the two even know each other?”
  • “To those who keep asking how they know each other, celebrities secretly play a lot, whether with idols or non-celebrities.”
  • “LOL, where is the proof that’s Jeno’s ID?”
  • “Seriously, I’ve never imagined the two together, LOL.”
  • “But honestly, they could just be gaming buddies, right? I’m not a fan of either, but just saying.”
  • “Ryujin is a JYP artist, and she plays League Of Legends with Haechan, so maybe Ryujin introduced Mina and Jeno. They probably became friends through gaming.”

Neither JYP Entertainment nor SM Entertainment has commented on the incident.

Source: Wikitree and Nate Pann