NCTzens Criticize Fans Who Followed NCT 127 To Their Hotel

They even called Johnny “daddy” when he walked past.

NCT 127 is currently kicking off their world tour Neo City: The Origin in North America and has been actively performing multiple interviews with American shows.

NCTzens have been critical of some obsessive fans, however, who have continually invaded the personal space of the NCT 127 members.

Given that NCT 127 is promoting in a foreign country, being followed around by fans can’t make their experience any easier.

Recently, NCTzens have been angered by the fact that some fans located NCT 127’s hotel and waited outside to greet them.

These fans shared their exploits on social media, implicitly showing that they don’t find anything wrong with this situation.

In the video, the fans are seen greeting Johnny as he walks past them. As he enters the hotel, someone yells “Oh Daddy” within his earshot, just before he enters the hotel.

NCTzens have been particular disappointed that these people were willing to do this as it was extremely inappropriate, considering they were supposed fans of his.

Afterwards, the people waiting outside greeted Jungwoo, Haechan, Taeyong,and Mark as they were walking towards the hotel. Noticeably, none of them responded to the fans despite having their names called by them.

As NCT 127 entered the hotel, the person filming the video even followed them into the hotel lobby.

NCTzens have been extremely disappointed with these fans, describing their behaviour as similar to saesang fans.

Due to the backlash, the person who posted the video tried to justify her actions by saying the staff said there was no problem with the fans crowding around NCT 127’s hotel.

But fans were unconvinced by this reason, citing how the members needed their rest and their personal space as this was important to their wellbeing.

Regardless of what the staff may say, the right to privacy is important for all individuals.

Actions like these can make idols feel uncomfortable and this is completely contrary to how most NCTzens have supported their members.

NCTzens have been particularly disappointed as these actions can reflect badly on the international K-Pop community, especially since NCT 127’s activities in America are meant to bring further engagement with their international fans.

But due to the strong response, it is clear that the vast majority of NCTzens are extremely respectful of NCT.

Even though they strongly admire the talents and personalities of NCT 127, they know that as fans, the wellbeing of their biases is the most important thing.

And when fans truly care about their idols, they know that letting them have their personal space and privacy is extremely crucial.