Coming Soon To Netflix: Our Greatest Fears Of Virus Outbreaks, Zombies, And Internet Disconnection

Featuring Yoo Ah In and Park Shin Hye!

Netflix will soon feature on its global streaming platform the June 2020 Korean survival blockbuster #Alive — featuring actor Yoo Ah In and actress Park Shin Hye!


Starting September 8, 2020, viewers will be able to witness the absolute chaos in #Alive

Yoo Ah In in “#Alive”. | iMBC

… as the lead characters Junwoo and Yoobin try to survive an unknown zombie apocalypse, isolated in their apartment units without the internet or any convenient means of communication.

Park Shin Hye in “#Alive”. | iMBC

Netflix will offer subtitles in 31 languages, as well as dubbed versions in 5.

Here’s an official trailer to spark your interest and kick off that countdown:

Source: Sports Donga