Here’s All We Know About Netflix’s Next K-Drama Blockbuster, “All Of Us Are Dead”

Will you kill, or be killed?

Netflix‘s been on a roll lately with their K-Drama content! After the success of Squid Game, all eyes turned to the content producer and curator. Since then, they’ve kept the ball rolling with titles such as My Name, Hellbound and Single’s Inferno. Their next highly anticipated title is none other than zombie teen flick, All Of Us Are Dead. Here’s all we know about the upcoming title.

1. The Cast

Firstly, the cast isn’t your usual star-studded one. Set in a high school, most of the cast are relatively fresh faces. In fact, the most well-known cast member is Cho Yi Hyun, who has won hearts in both School 2021 and Hospital Playlist.

Cho Yi Hyun | Netflix

It also stars Park Solomon, Park Ji Hoo and Yoon Chan Young, who have all been slowly building up their resume with smaller roles or cameos along the years.

Park Solomon and Yoon Chan Young | Netflix

2. The Set-up

Netflix takes a stab at the zombie apocalypse genre once more. A virus breaks out in a high school and students are trapped inside. They must find a way out or be infected themselves. The trailer shows a student being bitten by a literally lab rat in school. She then stumbles back to class with the virus and soon, others are infected by her.

3. The Mystery

Why are the students learning about viruses and the human race in school? If other zombie flicks have taught us right, there must be a cause behind it. Is the evil looking professor the one breeding the virus? Is is a governmental conspiracy? That’s what we’ll have to watch to find out.

One thing’s for sure though. This professor, played by Kim Byung Chul from SKY Castle, is not completely innocent. He’s found to have been holding an infected person captive to try to figure out how zombies work.

4. Love in lost places

It seems that we might be getting a little bit of romance thrown in. The trailer shows off a very few select flirty moments. We have some hand holding…

…and also some enemies-to-lovers sorta thing (we hope) playing out.

5. Lee Yoo Mi’s Cameo

Our favorite girl from Squid Game makes a cameo! She plays Lee Na Yeon, who’s apparently a selfish student who only cares about her own safety. How very different from her self-sacrificial character in Squid Game!

So… Will you kill…

…or be killed?

Check out the trailer below and tune in to the premiere on January 28, 2022.