A Chinese Netizen Disproves The Allegations Made Against EXO’s Chanyeol

The netizen tried to show how the photos were fabricated.

A Chinese netizen on Weibo that goes by the name of 扒圈老鬼 has stepped up to disprove the allegations made against EXO‘s Chanyeol. Previously, an online community post had accused him of cheating on his ex-girlfriend for three whole years.

| SM Entertainment

The netizen starts by layering the photograph of Chanyeol that the original post had uploaded as dating proof, with one of him in the studio.

| 扒圈老鬼/Weibo

Although the microphone in his hand had been digitally altered and replaced with a bouquet of flowers, the angle and his facial expression remains the same.

| 扒圈老鬼/Weibo

The netizen claims 4 key points to refute the post.

1. The mirroring in the proof shot does not match up

Although words on the cake that read “dating for 790 days” are not mirrored, the logo on his cap has been mirrored.

This was further proven by a different, fan taken photograph of him wearing the beanie, with the appropriately reflected logo.

2. There was no tattoo on his arm

Chanyeol has two prominent tattoos that he had gotten – an L-1485 tattoo near his hand, and another larger one on his arm. None of these tattoos were present in the photos uploaded by the accuser.



For comparison, here’s a shot of him in his house with the same black shirt where his arm tattoo is on display.

3. The original post has been deleted

Although the post has been re-uploaded consistently onto various community sites, the original ones on Pann and Yeogael have both been deleted. Netizens suspect that this is a sign of guilt or fear.

4. The photo does not seem to be one of him holding a girl

One of the proof shots uploaded by the accuser was called out as being suspicious, for the placement of his hands. The netizen claims that it is unlikely he was holding a girl’s neck and instead suggests it could be a guitar.

What is alarming is that many of these proof shots seem to have been privately taken photographs. Fans suspect that his phone or private accounts could have been hacked to fuel this.

As of 29 October 2020, SM Entertainment has made an official statement regarding the matter. Chanyeol has yet to speak up.

Source: Weibo