Netizens berate Eunjung about wanting to become a star in her next life

On a recent broadcast of 4 Things Show, T-ARA‘s Eunjung expressed her preference to be a celebrity even in her next life.

On June 16th, Mnet‘s 4 Things Show broadcasted the raw full-length clip, where Eunjung shared her passion as a celebrity. She closed her interview by stating, “Even in my next life, I would still want to be a celebrity. I believe it to be a happy occupation and beloved occupation.”

During some episodes in April, Eunjung shared a bit of her personal life and spoke up on the past difficulties, in addition to vowing to apologize regarding the rumors that surrounded T-ARA in the past. Despite anti-fans’ disapproval, Eunjung made a solo debut as Elsie last month.

4 Things Show airs every Tuesday at 6pm KST. Meanwhile, check out what netizens had to say:

Meanwhile, check out what netizens had to say:

[+14025,-740] Just don’t bully people in your next life ~~

[+11957,-585] She’s starting to scare me, for realㅎㄷㄷ

[+9655,-602] You’ll probably wind up like this in your next life as well

[+8748,-511] Ah~ yea, whatever

[+1333,-89] Your impudence is similar to that of our government

Source: Xports News and Xports News via Naver