Emma Stone criticized by media for racist “kimchi line” used in “Birdman”

With the recent attention brought upon by the buzz of the 87th Academy Awards in the United States, Korean netizens and local film critics have expressed their distaste on the use of the traditional dish, kimchi, in the film, Birdman

In a report published by Yonhap News on February 23rd, film critics expressed their distaste for mocking Korean culture as the character portrayed by Emma Stone was quoted saying, “It all smells like f****** kimchi,” when asked by her father on the scent of the flowers.

The alleged derogatory remarks were also raised to the Korean Ambassador. In addition, the audience also cited the film for cultural abasement with other scenes such as a Japanese journalist not able to speak English, taking it as an offence to the Asian culture.

However, the production team denied the allegations as derogatory. In a statement through Yonhap News, the official stated that, “The flower shop Emma Stone visits in the film is run by an Asian and the line was simply used to portray her neurotic character. There is no intention at all to belittle a certain country or culture.” 

Meanwhile, Birdman, who has received four awards at the 87th Academy Awards, is scheduled to be released in South Korea on March 5th.

Source: KukiNews