Netizens fall in love with Hani as she cries on “Crime Scene 2”

Netizens fell in love with EXID‘s Hani even more after she cried on the latest episode of JTBC‘s Crime Scene 2.

Aired on April 1st, five players were invited on the show and attempt to solve a riddle in the form of a carefully laid out crime scene by the producers of the show. The invited guests were tricked into thinking that they would be meeting the producers, but instead were presented with a murder scene.

Hani, as one of the players, surprised viewers with her amazing investigative abilities, completely immersing herself into gathering the clues to solve the murder. As she approached a desktop, attempting to log in for more clues, EXID’s viral track “Up & Down” blared through the speakers and shocking Hani so much that she jumped and ran away towards the door as she screamed and was driven to tears.

In an interview, Hani said, “I was so scared. I had never realize ‘Up & Down’ could be so scary. Didn’t the staff do it to surprise me?”

Despite her initial scare, Hani approaches the computer once again, though her tears still remained as she finally gets another clue she needs.

Netizens who witnessed the clip are praising her for her smarts as well as her cuteness.

[+ 11308, – 2633] I feel like EXID is turning into miss A ㅋ. With just Hani becoming more and more popular while the other members are left behind ㅋ they all practice and work the same but only Hani gets the attention. I feel bad for the other members.

[+ 6580, – 821] Hani’s so cute…even the fact that she’s a bit clumsy…ㅎㅎ

[+ 5351, – 802] Hani’s cute, sexy, attractive she’s got it all

[+ 4618, – 754] Even when she’s crying she’s cute

Source: JTBC