Netizens Scoff At HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young’s Apology

The apology follows a series of explosive allegations.

Netizens are expressing skepticism at the sincerity of HOOK Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young‘s apology.

Kwon Jin Young | Top Class

On November 30, the CEO released a statement in which Kwon Jin Young apologized for the controversy and claimed that she would fulfill all financial obligations to Lee Seung Gi. In the statement, Kwon Jin Young goes as far as

This is Kwon Jin Young, CEO of HOOK Entertainment.

I have been a manager for 25 years.

There are many things I have gone through, but I don’t think I have experienced anything as difficult and as trying as this.

I think responsibility should be go from the beginning to the end of any dispute, whether it was a misunderstanding or not.

I don’t want to cause any damage to HOOK Entertainment, the company that I have been at for 25 years, and to my celebrities.

Once again, I would like to bow my head and apologize.

In addition, I will take full responsibility for the ongoing dispute with Lee Seung Gi, and I will dispose of my personal property that I obtained to repay him. I will not avoid the responsibility that I have.

I am sorry to the HOOK Entertainment employees who have been going through hell every day since the sudden incident. I am sorry to everyone who came across news that they did not want to see due to this incident.

— Kwon Jin Young

The CEO’s apology follows a series of damning allegations against her. Previously, Kwon Jin Young has been alleged of not only withholding Lee Seung Gi’s money but also gaslighting the star, abusing his manager, and also verbally abusing retail workers.

Dispatch Reveals Lee Seung Gi Has Been Paid A Grand Total Of 0 Won For His Music Over The Past 18 Years

The allegations gained credibility when Dispatch released text messages and an explosive audio recording allegedly of the CEO in which a person alleged to be Kwon Jin Young can be heard threatening to kill Lee Seung Gi.

Dispatch Reveals Disturbing Audio Recording Allegedly Of HOOK Entertainment’s CEO Threatening To Kill Lee Seung Gi

Due to all of this, netizens couldn’t help but be skeptical of the CEO’s latest apology. Many stated that it was obvious she should pay Lee Seung Gi back.

  • “She’s so shameless that it isn’t even funny.”
  • “Didn’t she say we shouldn’t misunderstand? LOL.”
  • “She’s making a big deal out of something that’s obvious. Stop scheming and hurry up and settle the situation.”
  • “Where did all your ‘personal funds’ come from?”
  • “The audio recording was so scary. She’s so good at cursing.”
  • “She’s all talk… Hurry up and handle the situation.”
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