[★VIDEO] Netizens notice possible injury on EXO member Lay’s hand at Music Core

After Tao announced that he will be missing promotion activities due to injury, it appears that fellow EXO member Lay has also suffered an injury.

On April 4th, EXO performed on MBC’s Music Core as part of their promotions for latest track “Call Me Baby.” While the group put on an excellent performance, fans couldn’t help but notice something wrong with Lay’s hand. In particular, when Lay put his fist up towards the camera, what appears to be a trace of blood can be seen on one of his knuckles, seemingly coming out from his sleeve.

SM Entertainment has not made an official statement in regards to the severity of the alleged injury. Stay tuned to Koreaboo for updates.

The blood on Lay’s hand can be seen at around the 38-second mark in the video below.


Source: yunhha