Netizens Praise MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo For What She Did For Han Choim At SMA

Her actions show her true character.

Han Choim, the MC for the recent Seoul Music Awards, was highly criticized by netizens for her “inappropriate” and “revealing” dress.

Netizens Bash Seoul Music Awards Red Carpet MC For Her Revealing Dress


Netizens later noticed that what MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo did for Han Choim was extremely thoughtful and showed her true character.


On the red carpet for the 28th Seoul Music Awards, both stars wore quite revealing dresses that were definitely not suitable for the winter weather.


When Han Choim seemed to look especially cold, however, Yeonwoo went ahead and set her arm around Choim, trying to help her keep warm.


After seeing this kind gesture, netizens have nicknamed Yeonwoo “kind hand” and have been praising her for her caring nature.

  • “Look at her hug (Choim) when she’s cold. She’s so nice.”
  • “A girl with a pretty face really acts in a pretty way too.”
  • “She was wearing thin clothes too but taking care of the MC like that, excellent.”


Moreover, they’ve been claiming that both her appearance and heart are absolutely beautiful and that the moment captures Yeonwoo’s true character.

  • “Not just her face, but her character is admirable.”
  • “Visuals and character are both top class.”
  • “Yeonwoo has a flawless face, body and character.”


Watch this red carpet moment below:

Source: Newsen and Naver


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