Netizens React To Dating Rumors Circling BLACKPINK Rosé And Kang Dong Won — Are Divided Over The Alleged Couple’s 16-Year Age Difference

“Oh, I guess it’s true…”

Netizens reacted to the dating rumors surrounding BLACKPINK Rosé and actor Kang Dong Won.

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The rumors stem from a picture of the BLACKPINK member and Kang Dong Won together at a party with former Burberry executive Riccardo Tisci.

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Soon netizens began to point out other instances of the actor and the idol together and wearing alleged couple items.

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YG Entertainment responded to the rumors in the label’s signature fashion.

It is difficult to confirm [the rumors] because it is a private issue pertaining to our artists.

— YG Entertainment

Although YG Entertainment is notorious for replying this way to all rumors, true and false, pertaining to the private lives of their artists, the response seems to have fueled the rumor even more.

YG Entertainment Responds To Rumors Of BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Kang Dong Won Dating

Netizens reacted to the couple’s dating allegations and expressed their thoughts about the two as a couple. While many expressed discomfort at the 16 years age difference, others defended the alleged couple, stating that age is nothing but a number.

  • “I’m sure she can decide for herself. She’s not a minor.”
  • “Huh? I know that Kang Dong Won is really good-looking, but he should act his age.”
  • “Ajussi! An age gap this large should be a crime. When Romance Of Their Own came out, Rosé was eight. What do you mean it’s ok? GD was criticized because he was an old man, but this is twice as bad.”
  • “These days, couples with large age gaps are usually criticized, so I don’t think we are the only community criticizing them.”
  • “Why do you criticize Kang Dong Won when Rosé isn’t a minor? I didn’t even criticize Shim Hyung Tak. Maybe it is because I married at 28, but (Rosé) is at an age that she can get married if she wants.”
  • “Rosé can take care of herself. What is wrong with people these days? Is Rosé someone who can’t make decisions for herself? You guys should just worry about yourselves.”
  • “They are adults, with one being 40 and the other in her late 20s, what’s wrong with that? Why do you guys care so much about other people’s dating lives? If you don’t like it, then don’t make the same decision. As long as Kang Dong Won isn’t forcing Rosé to date him, it’s not a crime, and there is nothing wrong with it, so what’s the problem? Seriously you guys cross the line when it comes to couples with an age gap.”
  • “They are both adults. Who cares.”
  • “Oh, I guess it’s true.”
  • “If (Rosé) is in her late 20s, I’m sure she can handle herself.”

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: theqoo


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