Netizens React To The News That Comedian Park Soo Hong Was Assaulted By His Own Father

“I feel Park Soo Hong will be scarred for life…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

Netizens couldn’t help but express their sorrow for beloved comedian Park Soo Hong, who was assaulted by his own father.

Park Soo Hong | Newsis

In the early morning of October 4, Park Soo Hong’s trial case against his brother, who allegedly embezzled over ₩2.10 billion KRW (about $1.47 million USD) of company funds, took a tragic turn. According to some reports, although the criminal charge of embezzlement is in regards to the company funds, it is alleged that his brother stole approximately ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $6.98 million USD) in total. Also troubling were exorbitant premium life insurance policies that were taken out in the comedian’s name. According to the reports, eight life insurance policies were taken out in which the policy’s beneficiary was his brother.

According to news reports, Park Soo Hong and his wife were to meet with his father, brother, and his brother’s wife for a deposition. It is said that Park Soo Hong’s father, upon seeing him, immediately attacked the comedian and went as far as threatening to stab him with a weapon.

According to news reports, Park Soo Hong was shocked by the attack and started hyperventilating, at which point paramedics were called, and the comedian was sent to an emergency room at a nearby hospital.

Park Soo Hong’s father had previously made the news when he declared that it was he who stole the money, in a move that many say is a blatant attempt at exonerating the comedian’s brother. After the comedian cut ties with his father,  Park Soo Hong’s father allegedly showed up at the comedian’s home with a hammer. After the October 4 assault, reporter Lee Jin Ho alleges that the father and Park Soo Hong’s sister-in-law ate at a restaurant nearby.

Netizens were devastated for Park Soo Hong, Koreans are especially conflicted as filial piety, or respect towards one’s own parents is one of the country’s core principles.

  • “Even if he wins, I feel Park Soo Hong will be scarred for life. How are they even parents?”
  • “They used him like a slave. How are they even family? They are crazy.”
  • “His mom treats him as if he wasn’t her own. That family seems to care more about his brother’s wife than him. What great in-laws? They are the type of in-laws to steal money from their own son and give it to their daughter-in-law.”
  • “It’s scary that they took out all of those life insurance policies. I heard they paid a total of ₩1.40 billion KRW (about $977,000 USD) in insurance premiums alone. I hope he wins and his parents, brother, and nieces get punished.”
  • “I heard he hyperventilated after asking his father how he could do this to him. Even if he wins, I think it will be hard for him to lead a normal life. Seriously, how are they parents? I’m glad Park Soo Hong got married and severed ties with them.”
  • “Seriously, this proves being an only child is the best. You say they are lonely? No way, the child that’s left out is the loneliest.”
  • “I remember when he used to come on TV and praise his parents, saying that he respects them and that they are law-abiding. I hope the sorrow he feels fades soon.”
Source: Nate Pann