Why Did Netizens React This Way To Son Dambi’s Marriage Announcement?

Netizens have mixed reactions following the couple’s announcement of their upcoming marriage.

Singer and actress Son Dambi announced yesterday via a handwritten letter on her Instagram that she plans to marry her current boyfriend, retired speed skater Lee Kyu Hyuk (also known as Lee Kyou Hyuk). The two announced they were dating in December of last year.


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In response to this joyous news, netizens had plenty to say, though not all of it was congratulatory.

Many netizens seem to believe that the marriage is a ploy to cover up any final murmurings regarding a fraud scandal Son Dambi found herself connected to last year. Son Dambi’s label H& Entertainment has already denied her involvement, however, and vowed to pursue legal action if she is defamed in the future.

Fortunately for the couple, not all the comments are like this. There are also plenty of fans coming to her defense and celebrating the news.

Their wedding is set to take place in May, with only families and close friends in attendance. We wish the couple all the best!

Son Dambi kissing her fiance Lee Kyu Hyuk | @xodambi/Instagram
Source: NetizenBuzz and Soompi