Netizens shocked and appalled as Tao announces solo comeback

As news was announced that EXO-M member Tao would be continuing his career as a solo artist in China, Korean netizens began criticizing Tao for “betrayal.”

Yesterday, Tao confirmed he will be making his solo debut in China in the most recent Weibo update from his Chinese studio. Tao set up his own studio in China earlier this month though SM Entertainment has yet to comment on it’s official relation to the company.

It seems that previous speculations of Tao’s solo debut have proven to be true. With less than ten days until the official release, fans are anticipating what Tao will show in his first solo venture.

Tao was removed as a listed active member of EXO-M on Facebook and has since been caught up in a social media scuffle as he unfollowed everyone on Instagram afterChanyeol unfollowed him. In addition, he has been wrapped up in a controversy as he was recently announced as a music teacher for a Chinese children’s singing show that previously hinted at a teacher with surname “Zhang” leading many to wonder if EXO’sLay (Zhang Yixing) was suddenly replaced by Tao.

Netizens reacted negatively towards Tao after news of his solo debut was released:

[+ 5464, – 125] Wow no conscience at all..was the leg injury all a lie? ㅋ

[+ 4430, – 133] Yes next chink bastard

[+ 3616, – 91] Is he crazy? Did he even officially announce things? He sure used to blabber a lot and now look what happened ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+ 3325, – 103] Another chink strikes again….

[+ 667, – 4] He criticized Chinese actors Luhan and Wu Yifan when they left and talked as if he would stick by forever. You are just the same. No you are even more cruel. I’m going to watch and see how well you do. How much of that money that you wanted so bad do you think you’ll earn?

Source: Dispatch