Netizens Slam Reporter For Insulting Kwon Eun Bi After Filming Her At Gimpo Airport

The reporter tried to cover up what he said, but netizens had already saved the audio recording.

A reporter in Korea recently came under fire for his negative remarks about soloist Kwon Eun Bi after filming her departure from Gimpo International Airport.

Kwon Eun Bi | @official_kwon.eunbi/Instagram

On November 2 (KST), Kwon Eun Bi departed Gimpo Airport for her fan meeting in Japan. As with many K-Pop idols, her departure was captured by various media outlets, waiting to catch a glimpse of the star before her flight.

Commonly, many of these media outlets set up their cameras and begin a live stream well before the idol or idol groups arrive to ensure themselves a chance at getting the best coverage.

Photo of Kwon Eun Bi at Gimpo Airport on November 2, taken by a fan account | @traveller0o0/Twitter

The media outlet, RNX TV, set up their camera and started a live stream from the airport that lasted for over an hour.

They caught the moment Kwon Eun Bi’s van arrived at the airport, and Kwon Eun Bi’s respectful attitude toward the media outlets showcased her kind personality.

Kwon Eun Bi arriving at Gimpo Airport | RNX TV Korea Ent/YouTube

Once inside the airport, other media swarmed the idol, but she maintained a friendly attitude, answering questions from reporters and waving to fans who were there to see her off.

| RNX TV Korea Ent/YouTube 

They followed her until she joined the security line, where she again kindly answered reporters’ questions and thoughtfully posed for photos. The reporters lingered at the security line for a few minutes before eventually retreating.

| RNX TV Korea Ent/YouTube 

Until that point, the RNX TV live stream played the original audio in the video, but once the RNX TV reporter walked away from the star, music replaced the audio.

Before the audio was replaced with music, the reporter was heard seemingly insulting Kwon Eun Bi. He was captured saying,

There’s no need for her to be photographed this much… I shouldn’t have to be [doing this]…

The tone he used and how he said it implied that he felt certain celebrities weren’t worthy of the time and effort it took to photograph them or the attention they received.

A tweet began circulating with the original audio, with over 3,000 quote tweets calling out the reporter for his statement.

The tweet and audio clip reached a popular Korean online community board, where fans immediately came to Kwon Eun Bi’s defense, slamming the reporter for insulting the idol and for his lack of professionalism.

| theqoo

  • “What the hell? Is he talking about my dear Eunbi? HUH? Or am I understanding this incorrectly…? Did this b*tch just talk sh*t about my baby girl???”
  • “If you don’t need to be doing it, then don’t go to the airport. These people were the ones who live broadcasted my ult group’s departure and got recorded saying that they should only focus on the more popular members.”
  • “This is crazy. Where is your professionalism? These people are so rude.”
  • “GO EUNBI.”
  • “If you didn’t need to photograph her, you shouldn’t have gone to the airport in the first place. Why would you force yourself to get out there and then talk sh*t like this?”

This isn’t the first time a reporter from RNX TV has come under fire for unprofessionalism and inappropriate behavior. In 2019, a journalist from the media outlet was caught physically harassing Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s manager in order to get a closer photo of the artist.

Check out that story below.

Male Journalist Seen Physically Harassing Taeyeon’s Female Manager At The Airport

Source: theqoo

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