5 New K-Pop Songs And One New Album Just Leapt Onto Billboard’s World Charts

One is charting as a soloist for the first time!

Billboard has recently updated both its World Digital Song Sales chart and its World Albums chart for the week of June 19. These two albums rank the top 25 best-selling international singles and top 15 best-selling international albums respectively in the United States, and as is often the case, new K-Pop music has made its debut on both charts this week!


For the World Digital Song Sales chart, EXO made their first comeback onto the chart as a group since December of 2019 with their latest single, “Don’t Fight The Feeling”! It ranks at #6 for its debut, the top-charting new K-Pop song on the list this week.

EXO as a whole group has charted on this particular list many times in the past — 74 times including this one, to be exact — with “Monster”, “Lotto”, “Love Shot”, and “Obsession” all hitting #1 at some point while they were on the chart. Time will tell if “Don’t Fight The Feeling” climbs in the ranks!

The next highest-ranking new song on the chart this week is NCT 127 and Amoeba Culture‘s recent collaboration, “Save”! It’s placed at #8 for its first week on the chart.

While this is the first time this particular collaborating pair has been on the World Digital Song Sales chart, this is NCT 127’s 15th time ranking as a sub-unit, with their top-charting “Simon Says” reaching #1 back in December 2018.

Next on the chart is TWICE with their new single, “Alcohol-Free”. Though it’s ranked at #12 for its debut, it’s quite possible that it will peak at a higher position in the weeks to come!

“Alcohol-Free” is TWICE’s 25th song on this chart, and four of these songs — “Likey”, “Feel Special”, “I Can’t Stop Me”, and “Cry For Me” — all reaching #1!

The fourth new song to debut this week is “Cardigan” by Ravi ft. Wonstein, ranked at #22. This is actually the VIXX member’s first time on this chart as a soloist!

And finally, the fifth new K-Pop song ranking on the chart for the week of June 19 is MAMAMOO‘s new track, “Where Are We Now”. While it’s placed at #24 for its debut, it could also definitely end up ranking higher in the future!

“Where Are We Now” is the group’s 18th song to make it onto this Billboard chart, with their iconic “Hip” reaching #1 back in November 2019.

As for the World Albums chart, it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that EXO’s Don’t Fight The Feeling album has also made it onto Billboard! For its debut, it’s ranked at #8 on the chart.

This is the full group’s 15th album to make it onto this list, and five of their previous albums — XOXO RepackageEXODUSThe WarDon’t Mess Up My Tempo, and Obsession — all reaching #1.

Congratulations to all the artists with new music on Billboard’s world charts this week!