This American video game has a sexy CG K-Pop Idol character

Epic Games‘s online video game Paragon recently announced that they will be introducing a female K-Pop idol as its newest playable character.

Epic Games has been gaining quite a lot of attention after they announced that their newest multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) –  Paragon will be including a very special character.

The game will officially include a female K-Pop idol named Shinbi (which means mystery in Korean) as a character.

Shinbi’s character is definitely unique and adorable! This addition to the game can potentially open up the world of gaming for K-Pop fans all over.

As there are not many homages to K-Pop in video games as of yet, Shinbi will definitely be sure to grab a lot of people’s attention.

In Paragon, players are met with the mission of defeating their enemy team and destroying the core that is within their base. The players can also encounter monsters, which can add even more excitement to the game.

There are only 27 characters as of now; however, every three weeks they will be adding more characters, giving the players a wide variety of characters to choose from.

Shinbi will be available on February 21st.

Check out the introduction video for the K-Pop character below: 

Source: Paragon