[★TRENDING] New TWICE Video Leaked Ahead Of Release

A new video from JYP Entertainment‘s TWICE has been leaked, featuring the girls on a sunny beach for a new sports drink CF.

TWICE’s new CF for Pocari Sweat – a Japanese manufactured sports drink – was leaked today, February 6th. The new advertisement shows the members of TWICE on a beach location, enjoying the summer sun and having fun! There’s even a new TWICE song made for the commercial featured in the background.

Although the CF is not the comeback fans have all been waiting for, they have nevertheless been anticipating the release of this video after TWICE revealed they were secretly filming an advertisement in Australia.

What’s more interesting is that ONCE actually played a very big part of TWICE landing this advertisement deal:

This short video also shows some of the behind the scenes footage of the CF making! Shortly after videos of the CF were leaked, all the leaked footage were taken down and deleted.

While it was nice to be able to get a sneak peek at the CF, the full version should be coming out soon..