BTS Named Among Top 50 Most Loved Artists By New York Times

The New York Times looked at the 50 most watched artists on YouTube for January and April 2016.

BTS, as one of the Bubbling Under Billboard Hot 100 artists, made the list at 44th place.

The New York Times noted that BTS’s distribution is perhaps different than anticipated.

“One of K-pop’s most famous boy bands, BTS is especially popular in Hawaii and parts of California, along with a curious pocket of fandom in northern Wisconsin.”

– The New York Times

BigHit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Si Hyuk was excited to see BTS place in the Top 50!

“The New York Times’ ‘America’s most loved songs’ ranked BTS in 44th place”

– BigHit CEO, Bang Si Hyuk

Other spaces BTS was popular include areas near their previous tours – New Jersey, California, Texas, and Chicago. 

Image: The New York Times

Middle America also can’t get enough of BTS with areas like Boulder, Colorado, and Pheonix, Arizona also showing popularity!

Image: New York Times

Everyone is highly awaiting BTS’s comeback in September with everyone on the look out for their new hairstyles…

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… or maybe not!

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Source: The New York Times