NewJeans’ Danielle Shocks Netizens After Showcasing A Bolder And More Mature Look At A YSL Pop-Up Store — Netizens Think The Collaboration Is Legendary

“YSL really brings out a whole new version of Danielle Marsh…”

NewJeansDanielle has wowed netizens with a bolder and more mature look at a recent YSL event, and fans can’t get over the brand’s influence on the idol.

NewJeans’ Danielle | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Since debuting, Danielle has attended many events and has always wowed with her looks, whether it is brand events or movie premieres. Each time, she cements her unreal visuals and surprises fans with a completely different outfit that showcases another side to her.

NewJeans’ Danielle before the “Little Mermaid” premiere | @newjeans_official/Instagram
Danielle at an Apple event with the rest of the group

On September 1, it was no different when Danielle attended a YSL pop-up store in Korea. As expected, the idol looked absolutely flawless as she greeted the media.

In particular, while Danielle’s visuals and charm always shine, netizens couldn’t get over the idol’s bold look. Danielle was wearing a simple black dress, but combined with her leather jacket, choker and killer heels, Danielle had a much more mature look.

In particular, netizens also brought back other legendary photos from Danielle and YSL, sharing how much they loved the image that the brand created with the young idol.

They believe that while Danielle always looks beautiful wherever she goes, the brand brings out a different side to the adorable idol, which is a more mature and bold aura.

As always, NewJeans continue to showcase their influence and Danielle perfectly suits the vibes of YSL, adapting her looks and visuals to be more elegant and bolder compared to the usual Y2K look the group is known for.