Fans Praise NMIXX’s Sullyoon For Her Response To K-Netizens’ Seemingly “Cold” Reaction To RIIZE’s Seunghan

Many praised Sullyoon for her quick thinking!

RIIZE‘s Seunghan was hit with a wave of allegations after alleged “couple photos” were released. After the posts were shared, netizens sent trucks demanding the idol’s removal from the group, which led to Seunghan personally apologizing.

RIIZE’s Seunghan | SM Entertainment

Sadly, following the allegations and even his statement, it seems like some Korean fans still have negative feelings towards him. Yet, netizens have praised NMIXX‘s Sullyoon for her actions on a recent music show to combat that negativity.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

On September 9, RIIZE appeared on Music Core, and like always, the members introduced themselves one by one. It started with Wonbin, who had cheers from the crowds.

But when it went to Seunghan, netizens noticed that the cheers were much less noticeable and almost seemed to dip off. Luckily, MC Sullyoon seemingly noticed what happened and cheered for the idol herself, showcasing her role as a sunbaenim.

After that, Sullyoon kept cheering for the rest of the members as they made their introduction, but it was clear that their cheers were louder than Seunghan’s.

When the clip was shared…

Netizens voiced their own opinions of the clip. While many couldn’t stop praising Sullyoon for her actions, others shared how unnecessary the “hate” was that Seunghan received,

For many international fans, the response from some Korean netizens has been shocking. In particular, many believe there shouldn’t be such a taboo around dating, especially considering the photos were taken before the idol debuted and that the OP had apologized for “incorrect” information surrounding his girlfriend being underage.