Male Duo Band Reveals Jaw-Droppingly Shocking Comeback Concept Photos

Check out NORAZO’s “refreshing” new song!

The eccentric male duo, NORAZO, made a comeback with their new album “Cider” and their new concept photos are… shocking to put it mildly.


The concept of “Cider” seems to be a comical version of summer love featuring the refreshing beverage, cider. The album photoshoot included photos of Zo Bin dressed in a green one-piece swimsuit, some with a “seductive” expressions on his face.


Other photos showed the members enjoying a bottle of cider during various activities.


And some depicted the “couple” enjoying what seems to be a romantic date out on the beach.


Photocards from the album even revealed a shocking image of the two singers completely nude on the beach, although certain areas were appropriately blurred out.


Check out NORAZO’s hilarious “Cider” music video below!

Source: Insight