NU’EST’s Aron Helped Save A Young Child’s Life After Suffering A Seizure On A Plane

He helped save a young child’s life.

It has been revealed through Dispatch that NU’EST’s Aron helped save the life of a young child who was in a medical emergency on a recent flight.

Back on July 8, NU’EST completed their appearance at KCON 2019 New York, and were aboard Asiana Airlines flight 7221 from New York to Seoul.

Around 90 minutes into the flight, an 8 year old child “Choi”, who was travelling with their mother, began suffering from high fever and seizures.

Thankfully, there was a doctor on board, and the doctor immediately performed emergency first aid. Here, Aron helped the doctor by acting as the translator for rhe doctor, who couldn’t speak Korean.

Aron was also not in a good condition due to suffering from acute enteritis. However, he rushed to help when he heard that there was an emergency patient. He helped tell the mother’s story to the doctor.

— Passenger on OZ7221

The flight was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska where Choi and her mother we taken off the plane and to a hospital for treatment. Afterwards, Choi thanked Asiana Airlines for helping save her life.

Source: Dispatch