This Male Idol Becomes The Latest “Sexy Brain” Thanks To His Near-Perfect SAT Score

He joins the like of BTS’s RM, Block B’s Park Kyung and more!

Another academic genius has been discovered in the form of NU’EST’s Aron. 


In an episode of Problematic Men, Jeon Hyun Moo introduced Aron by talking about his life in the United States. He revealed a surprising tidbit my mentioning how Aron scored incredibly high marks on the SATs!

“There were 2180 points out of 2400. A total of 14 mistakes: 11 in critical reading, three mistakes in mathematics. I got a perfect score in the essay.” 

— Aron


In fact, his scores were so impressive that he managed to receive admission at the prestigious New York University.


The fact that he can remember his actual score and mistakes impressed his fans even more. Talk about an impressive achievement! 


It seems like Aron can join the list of academic geniuses in the Korean music industry, such as BTS‘s RM, Block B‘s Park Kyung and more!

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Source: Newsen