NU’EST Holds Their Full-Member Showcase For The First Time In 2 Years

Here are 10+ photos to celebrate!

NU’EST held a successful showcase for their latest album, “HAPPILY EVER AFTER” and title track “BET BET”.


During the showcase, the five members showcased their signature sexy charisma in a powerful performance.


Their leader, JR, looked as stunning as ever in a velvet jacket with gold decor.


But none the fiercer when he performed on stage!


Baekho never failed to prove who was the sexiest man in K-Pop!


His leg extended dance routine sure gave Produce 101 Season 2 fans a burst of nostalgia!


Aron lost much of his sweet dandy persona while he took the stage!


He’ll steal your heart and never let go with a look like this!


The showcase was especially special for all L.O.V.Es as it was the first showcase in 2 years that included Hwang Minhyun!


Hwang Minhyun returned to promote with the rest of the group after he successfully concluded his role as a member of Wanna One.


Lastly, maknae Ren lost all trace of his signature pretty-boy aura as he showed up in a sexy sleeveless!


He may have been pointing at his decorative bracelets, but all eyes were on how stunning he looked with his new sexy concept!


With the group finally back together again, NU’EST vows to amaze their fans just as much as they’ve had to wait for an OT5 reunion for the past 2 years!


Congratulations on your comeback, NU’EST! Check out their new MV, “BET BET”: