NU’EST’s JR Finally Fulfills Sweet Promise To A Fan From Before He Got Famous

It took NU’EST JR five months to keep his promise!

Many months ago, NU’EST‘s JR appeared on Well Done Today to meet his fan, Kim Su Bin.


JR picked her up at the bus station and took her to a cat cafe where the idol and fan shared a deep conversation.

At the time, Kim Su Bin was preparing to become a flight attendant in Korea which involves intensive training and fierce competition.


At the cat cafe, Kim Su Bin cried because she was worried about the uncertain future. After listening to Kim Su Bin’s story, JR related to the pressure of competing for success.

JR encouraged his fan to keep trying hard and working to make her dream come true.


When Kim Su Bin asked JR not to forget about her, JR answered, “I will remember you, Su Bin.”

Though it isn’t shared on video, JR promised to give Kim Su Bin an invitation to a NU’EST concert as a goodbye gift. Because the group had no concerts scheduled at the time, so JR left Kim Su Bin a phone number to contact for tickets when NU’EST does hold a concert. JR told her, “When we have our first concert someday, please call this number and get tickets to the date of your choice.”


JR even sent Kim Su Bin a heartwarming message after the two had parted ways.


JR states, “I had so much fun today. I know you’ll become a wonderful flight attendant. I look forward to seeing you on planes!”


Five months after their meeting, NU’EST W finally held their first ever concert in Seoul! As promised, JR made sure that Kim Su Bin was gifted tickets to see their show.

On the envelope is written, “3/18 Sunday, Kim Su Bin (JR’s Invitation)”.


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Source: Dispatch