NU’EST’s Minhyun Reveals The Hardships They Faced When They Were Unknown For The First 6 Years Since Debut

“We were afraid we wouldn’t have much time left to be together”

NU’EST appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, where they opened up honestly about the hard times they faced when they were unknown for the first 6 years of their career.


Host Yoo Hee Yeol mentioned that although NU’EST may be one of the most popular groups today, they were basically unknown for the first 6 years of their career. Hwang Minhyun confessed that they were afraid of getting disbanded as they continually failed to meet expectations with their albums.

We always worked hard and continued to release albums. We would work really hard on them but they wouldn’t meet the expectations.

— Hwang Minhyun


He realized that their end may be getting closer as their performance stages and opportunities continued to decrease instead of increase over time.

We performed abroad many times but instead of the stages getting bigger, they got smaller. It was to the point that we didn’t have enough funds to use in-ear monitors.

After hearind that, we believed that we wouldn’t be able to continue as artists soon enough, so we decided to try going on the audition show.

— Hwang Minhyun


As many already know, NU’EST finally received their recognition by appearing on Produce 101 Season 2.

As the audition show became the turning point in the group’s career, JR explained that they decided to compete after believing it was their last straw at continuing as artists.

Honestly, we didn’t have much time on our contracts left. We were afraid we wouldn’t have much time left to be together so we went on the audition program as our last chance.

— JR


Now that they’ve solidified themselves as a popular K-Pop group, Hwang Minhyun revealed that the only dream that they have left is to become “good people who can gift good feelings to people through good music.


After suffering through the hardships of being an unknown idol group, here’s to the bright future of NU’EST for years to come!

Source: Newsen