OH MY GIRL Leave Heartfelt Messages To Their Fans Who Are Waiting To See Them Live Again

They miss us as much as we miss them.

In an interview with StyleCaster, the OH MY GIRL members answered various questions about their latest album, Dear OHMYGIRL, and future plans for the group. They revealed concepts and genres they’d like to try, future goals, and ended the interview with sweet messages for their fans, Miracle!

| WM Entertainment.

As many other artists during the pandemic, OH MY GIRL are missing seeing their fans in person, but Jiho feels like they’re still able to be connected.

Although we can’t see each other in person, we are connected with the same mind, so we hope you don’t feel that you’re alone.


Arin (left) and Jiho (right). | WM Entertainment.

She then went on to assure them that even though they can’t see each other, OH MY GIRL will be sure to be by Miracle’s side.

We’ll always stay by your side by showing you more diverse sides and better music. Miracle, thank you always!


Jiho. | WM Entertainment.

Mimi hopes that fans stay healthy until they get the chance to meet again in person.

It’s always sad that we can only see each other online. I hope we can meet in person as soon as possible. I hope Miracle will stay healthy until we meet. Thank you always! I love you.


Mimi (left) and YooA (right). | WM Entertainment.

Finally, Seunghee empathizes with the fans that miss seeing them face-to-face.

We all feel the same. We miss you so much and hope that we can perform live in front of everyone while listening to your real cheering on voices.


From left to right: Hyojung, Binnie and Seunghee. | WM Entertainment.
Source: StyleCaster