OH MY GIRL Opens Up On The Pressure They Felt While Preparing For “Dear OHMYGIRL”

“There was pressure toward our upcoming song.”

In light of their eighth mini-album Dear OHMYGIRL, the talented girl group OH MY GIRL held an online showcase and press conference! Due to dizziness and nausea the morning of the showcase, Mimi was unable to attend the showcase with her members.

Since it’s been a while since the group’s last comeback, Hyojung expressed their nerves and asked that the fans look at them with kind eyes.

As it’s our first comeback after a year and a month, we were really worried about the album and the stage. Even if it’s not perfect, please look at it beautifully.

— Hyojung

The girls also conveyed the pressure they felt to do well since their album NONSTOP did extremely well last year. The album’s title track, “Nonstop” earned the girls eight music show wins and also got certified platinum by Gaon Chart. The group popular B-side track “Dolphine” also got certified platinum by Gaon Chart!

| @WM_OHMYGIRL/Twitter

Hyojung shared how thankful she and her members were to receive so much love and support from their fans over the past year. No matter how long it takes, Hyojung explained that the group will only focus on moving forward!

We are grateful for receiving the immense love from last year. The think the trick is to steadily run without giving up. This is because OH MY GIRL slowly walked up step by step. Rather than thinking about the height of each step, we focused more on going forward. We will continue to move forward.

— Hyojung

Their newest track, “Dun Dun Dance,” is said to be a dance-pop track that is both very light and emotional. Jiho explained that with “Dun Dun Dance,” the members put a lot of their thoughts into it. Jiho stated that the group’s goal was to both bring something new to the table all while maintaining their trademark style!

There was pressure toward our upcoming song, but we were more concerned about the type of appearance we would show. While maintaining OH MY GIRL’s style, we also tried showing some change.

— Jiho

Furthermore, Arin added that she felt this comeback could be a big turning point for the group and hopes the fan can recognize the group’s great chemistry on stage.

I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Please look forward to the amazing chemistry between the members on stage.

— Arin

Check out Oh My Girl’s “Dun Dun Dance” MV below:

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