OH MY GIRL Reveal Their Dream Concepts And Collaborations

We can’t wait to see what their future holds!

In an interview with StyleCaster, the OH MY GIRL members answered various questions about their latest comeback with “Dun Dun Dance” and future plans for the group. Take a look at what they’d like their future to hold!

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OH MY GIRL are known for their fun, catchy pop hits, such as “Dun Dun Dance,” and they certainly love making music like that.

I think [“Dun Dun Dance”] is more highly addictive than other songs. It’s easy to listen to, exciting, and features the choreography composed of point moves.


Arin. | WM Entertainment

But what are some other genres and concepts that the members would like to try?

Seunghee is open to anything!

We have passion and infinite potential. I would love to try anything in the future including lyrical ballad, acoustic, retro, and jazz.


Seunghee. | WM Entertainment

As for Mimi, she’d love to take things easy.

There are a lot of genres and concepts that we haven’t done yet, but we’ve been performing mostly in a group dance. I’d love to create our performance in a more casual atmosphere someday.


Mimi. | WM Entertainment

YooA doesn’t have a concept in mind, but rather a goal: songwriting!

I can’t say it’s a concept, but I’m interested in making our own songs these days. I want to communicate with our fans through a song that Oh My Girl members participate in creating.

YooA. | WM Entertainment

Other than different genres and concepts, fans go crazy for collaborations between their favorite artists. Here’s who the members of OH MY GIRL would like to collaborate with!

My dream collaboration is with IU. I’ve always admired the lyrics of her songs she wrote so I want to work with her someday.


Hyojung. | WM Entertainment

As for Jiho, the person she wants to collaborate with is none other than K-Pop legend Seo Taiji!

I want to collaborate with Seo Taiji! His music delivers the message across clearly so I really want to work with him.


Jiho. | WM Entertainment

Last but not least, Binnie would love to join forces with another iconic girl group.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Girl’s Generation and had a respect for them since I was young, so my dream is to collaborate or sing a duet with Girls’ Generation.


Binnie. | WM Entertainment

All these concept and collaboration ideas would be absolutely incredible and we can’t wait to see them come to fruition someday soon!

Source: StyleCaster