Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Hilariously Exposes Hyojung’s Bad Habit From When They Were Roommates

“I just don’t click with you…”

Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee is a hilarious, savage queen, and she roasted Hyojung for a habit of hers from back when they were roommates!


Hyojung and Binnie are hosts of a new show produced by Dum Dum Studio, Hyojung and Binnie’s Sweet Home! For their very first episode, they invited fellow members Seunghee and Mimi, and had a delightful first episode full of fun and chaos!

The two guests each had to turn in a form to “move in” to the home of their hosts, and in this segment, Seunghee took the opportunity to roast Hyojung! Hyojung and Binnie first asked Seunghee to name any “vulnerable” points about the two, and Seunghee shared that as roommates, she just never clicked with Hyojung!

I just don’t click with you…


Hyojung agreed, saying that it was normal for people to just not click with someone when they have to live together!

Not everyone clicks with each other!


Seunghee then brought up the time they were roommates at their dorm, and exposed how Hyojung used to bother her with all the noise she used to make all the time!

In the mornings, I hope you don’t make any loud noises! I used to live with her before, and I heard a lot of ‘dab, dab, dab’ noises. She gets busy in the mornings. After she takes a shower, she applies so many products!


To that, Hyojung responded by saying that she didn’t know she was awake at the time!

I didn’t know that you could hear. I thought you were asleep.


All the other members then spoke up about how they could all hear it because it was so loud!

We can all hear it!

Watch Seunghee talk about this here!