OH MY GIRL’s Arin Gains Attention For Her Amazing Figure And Abs

It’s been going unnoticed because of her innocent image.

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin is known for her innocent image. From her debut, she’s been loved as the group’s precious maknae.

While fans are often mesmerized by her pure features and clear skin, they overlook the fact that she has a rocking body! While not overtly sexual, her body is ideal for many girls, with a slim waist and balanced hipline.


In addition to her perfect waist-to-hip ratio, she also boasts thin arms and angular shoulders. Recently, Arin was also seen with rock-hard abs. She has those coveted 11-abs that many seek.

Her lower back is also defined with a crack down the middle.

Arin is known to do pilates to maintain her toned frame. She also has been blessed with pear-shaped genetics, giving her wider hips compared to her otherwise slim figure.

Netizens wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment!

  • “Arin’s always been famous for her figure. Why are people surprised?”
  • “Arin’s figure has been good since the past. Her figure is really legendary.”
  • “You can’t just achieve this by being skinny. Arin lost weight through exercise so her bodyline is even prettier. She’s slender but the line from her waist to hips is really pretty. I’m jealous.”

Arin is proof that the best way to lose weight in a pretty way is not from starving, but from consistent exercise and maintenance.

Source: Nate Pann