Oh My Girl’s Binnie Shocks Fans With How Small Her Face Is

Fans are doing double takes at Binnie’s photos.

Although there are many idols with small faces, Oh My Girl‘s Binnie seems to rank high on the list.

Fans were curious as to whether or not she was wearing real or fake air pods.

It was revealed that she was indeed wearing real air pods, it was just that her face was so small that it made the pods look big.

Photos of real and fake air pods also appeared on online sites, showing the difference in size.

A screenshot from her live stream was also posted, showing how small her face was compared to a 500 ml carton of milk.

Fans commented,

“I’ve seen her in person and I’m not lying when I say she has a really small face. I was so shocked at how small it was.”

“Binnie and Yooah are like the top 2 for small faces!”

“That milk is a 500 ml one? Dear lord…”

Do you know any other idols with small faces? Let us know!


Source: pann