Oh My Girl’s Yooa Reveals Her Company Still Enforces A Curfew

She’s 23 years old and still has a curfew!

During Idol Room, Oh My Girl‘s Yooa shocked the cast by revealing that WM Entertainment enforces a curfew on her even still!


GFRIEND‘s Sowon was so shocked that she asked if she meant 11:30 AM not PM.

“Isn’t that morning?!”

— Sowon


Yooa then went onto call out her agency in a rap as she dissed them for setting a curfew on her as if she’s a baby.

“Listen, WM!

I told you it’s unreasonable to tell me to come home by 11:30pm.

I’m 24 years old (Korean age)!

I’m not a baby! Get your head straight!”

— Yooa


Yooa is 23 years old with 3 years into her career. Considering that she’s not a minor or a rookie, it’s definitely shocking that WM enforces a curfew on her.


Watch her full adorable rap below:

Source: Herald Pop