OH MY GIRL’s Arin Has Been Announced As The New Model For Soju Brand “Cham”

Congratulations to Arin!

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin proves that she is indeed the rising trend of the K-Pop industry. With a sudden rise in popularity, she has taken the industry by storm, landing not only an MC gig for Music Bank, but also various CFs.

Soju brand, Cham, has decided on Arin as their new model. Liquor brand Geumbokju is renewing its soju line, Cham, and has brought Arin along with it to help its rebranding. A representative from the brand commented, “We have determined that Arin’s innocent and clean image has a good synergy with New Cham as our relaunched soju is made from ultra-nanofarm refining methods.

| Cham

Given that soju used to be known for tasting bitter, the industry is undergoing a refinement as many brands are innovating to allow for a more refreshing and smoother taste. Cham is not to be confused with Jinro‘s Chamisul, who still employs singer IU as their longtime model.

| WM Entertainment

Arin joins the rank of other soju models that include BLACKPINK‘s Jennie for Chumchurum and APRIL‘s Naeun for Good Day.

Source: Star Today