OH MY GIRL’s YooA Expresses How Happy She Was Seeing NCT Dream Win On Music Shows

She even followed their choreography.

NCT Dream‘s album, Hot Sauce, was released at the same time as OH MY GIRL‘s Dun Dun Dance. With the two going head to head on the charts, naturally, when music shows rolled around, the two groups would be battling for first place.

While NCT Dream ended up sweeping 8 crowns, OH MY GIRL’s YooA had nothing but praise for her “rivals”. While there was absolutely no bad blood between the two, OH MY GIRL’s fans were naturally disappointed in not being able to clinch a win for their favorite girls. YooA took to live stream to reassure fans that they were satisfied.

 I was really happy during this promotions. Many fans were apologizing for not being able to give us first place, but no, I absolutely didn’t care about it. Of course, it would be great to win first place, but while watching the people (NCT Dream) who was nominated for first place with us, we felt very proud. They released a full length album and got first place. We also had such a similar experience, so I actually felt proud of them. I wondered if I was getting old to be thinking that way. I mean, it might sound funny to people older than us, but we’re still considered a senior group and we are experienced in this field so I really hoped they would win first place. I was so happy for them that I was clapping sincerely. If it was myself in that position, I would be really happy, so I understood how they felt. So I was really happy and I could congratulate them sincerely.

— YooA

YooA continued to reassure her own fans that she was absolutely fine about not winning first place. She expressed her gratitude for even being nominated and praised NCT Dream’s “Hot Sauce”. The song is so good, she even tried out the dance in the waiting rooms!

As this is NCT Dream’s first full-length album as well as Mark‘s first comeback with the group since his graduation, the album is indeed a meaningful one to fans. We’re glad to see how supportive YooA is of her juniors!