Once Part Of Korea’s Biggest Song, Crayon Pop’s Way Spills The Hidden Truth About Idol Life In New Video

She talks about the things you may not know about idol life.

Crayon Pop‘s Way uploaded a video to her YouTube channel explaining the world of idols that people may not know about, coming from an idol from a group that won first place on music shows.

First, she spoke about music shows. Are they fun? Do you say goodbye to all the staff for the music shows? The answer is yes, they do say goodbye to all the staff. They would go to the production staff room to greet them.

She revealed that during her time, there would be a list of groups who debuted and whoever came first and would perform first. If a big company had a group at the front of the line, however, all the groups from the company promoting will be at the front as a package. Since Crayon Cop was from a small company, there are times they would be pushed back to the end of the line to make way for bigger companies.

She then exposed how waiting rooms are like. She says that bigger groups get better rooms, while the newer groups get the not-so-great rooms. During the earlier stages, there would only be dividers in an empty room and they would be there with other groups. They usually have mirrors but the groups have to carry a floor mat to sit on. People with longer time in the industry will get a personal room, which has a TV and/or a bed.

She revealed Music Core has both, and she likes Music Core the best! She also added that Music Core usually has rooms for every group.

When asked if idols receive sponsorship offers, Way says that she has never received any. She revealed that during her trainee days, they would talk about auditioning for a company and how some would tell her that they entered a company only to leave because they were offered sponsorship.

She also spoke about an issue girls face often — their periods. What do female idols do when they have their period and they have to perform? Way admits that she would take painkillers for her periods. If she had longer or harder schedules, she would take birth control pills because it would help subside the pain. She said that a lot of idols and celebrities to do that.

Someone then asked her about the Idol Star Athletics Competition, which Way said she participated in before. When asked if it’s true that many idols date there, she said that it’s a place where you can see if there is something going on between two idols and you can easily catch who has feelings for who. You can usually see who is close to who if they are hanging out together during break time.

Do idols give each other notes or letters? Way reveals they do through social media, especially Instagram. She says that if you are interested in someone, many idols will send each other a direct message. She reveals this happens very often. She also insists this never happened to her.

She also admits that these idols, if they like each other, will eventually start going out. It usually happens on social media rather than during Idol Star Athletics Competition.

When asked if she has seen idols dating in normal life, she confesses that she usually sees them at the movies trying to cover up, but she will immediately notice who they are.

She also recalls a time where she saw a musical actress on a date with someone at a cafe. Back then, she didn’t know them and didn’t approach her. When they got close, however, she told her how she saw the two on a date and the musical actress said she’d be careful from now on.

When asked if idols are different on screen and off screen, she recalls how she went to film a reality program. It is the norm to introduce themselves and exchange greetings. She recalled how they were some people who act like they were invisible and shrug them off, looking down at them because they were famous. When asked if there was an idol who would do this too much, she responded that there is and they are still super famous. She recalled how this celebrity would always be asleep and always reek of alcohol.

She was then asked about the three biggest boy groups as of now: BTS, EXO, and SEVENTEEN. She was also asked about the Produce 101 Season 2 project group, WANNA ONE.

For EXO, she says that they are very outgoing and full of energy. She recalled how they were promoting together at a music show and exchanged CDs. EXO debuted earlier than Crayon Pop, but they called them sunbaenim in the letter they wrote on the CD.

She reveals that BTS went to the same salon as Crayon Pop. She recalled how some members practiced Japanese and practiced hard even as they were getting their hair and makeup done. Because of this, she always thought about how diligent and committed the boys were. She mentions that their diligence is probably what caused them to succeed now.

When asked about income, she reveals that it differs from each company. From her experience, however, it gets calculated every three months. They then break it down to start distribution. She mentions how you have to break even all the expenses and once the idols have, then they can start profiting. She also reveals that the company gets 60% of the profit while the idols get 40% and that 40% is divided between the members.

When talking about the hardest part about being an idol, she reveals that it’s never being sure of what you’re doing, never being much of how much money you’ll get or how things will be taken care of. Everything is decided by the company, which is difficult. The future is uncertain and idols have false hope about what will happen next.

There are pros to being an idol, Way reveals. The biggest pro is having the fans and being able to talk and interact with their fans. She is always thankful for her fans.

Way confessed that she would like to perform and release an album again for her fans. But if it means being an idol again, Way states that she has already done enough as an idol.

Way leaves a message for those currently training to be an idol. She knows that trainee period is a difficult time because you don’t know when and if you’ll debut. Every day revolves around practice and it’s not easy. She hopes they can bear it. Even if the company is rude to the trainees, she hopes that can bear it with the thoughts of success and to not be swayed by words of others. Just have faith in yourself.

She recalls her time as Crayon Pop, as girls who had nowhere to go because no one called for them. As girls who would come out to the streets or practice all day in the practice room. Some people won’t respond to her, but they continued to move forward and ended up on TV, became famous, and received love from the public.

WayLand (her YouTube channel) supports all trainees who are dreaming for their debut.

— Way

If you want to watch her video, check it out here!