One ARMY Proposed To Jungkook During A Live, Here’s How He Responded

His answer was hilariously practical.

Who wants to marry Jungkook? Better question: who doesn’t want to marry Jungkook?

BTS‘s Golden Maknae is lovable, funny, talented, handsome, and as humble as he is rich. (Love doesn’t come with a price tag, but a net worth of $8 million is a nice bonus, right?)

During live broadcasts, fans throw out marriage proposals like confetti, hoping to catch Jungkook’s attention and, this time, it worked!

Jungkook smoothly replied to a fan’s marriage proposal in a hilariously practical way. He says that if ARMY wants to marry him, they have to do two things: bring the paperwork and have meetings with each other’s parents.

Jungkook briefly thought about the situation, laughed, then moved on to the next topic.

For more, check out what else this eligible bachelor had to say during this broadcast.

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