ONF Members Reveal Which Person, Living Or Dead, They’d Like To Have Dinner With

U’s answer was so sweet!

Recently, ONF sat for an exclusive interview with Tumblr‘s official K-Pop blog and answered questions about their newest album, City of ONF, their career, goals, and more!

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One of the questions they were asked was more lighthearted: if they could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be?

Hyojin, U and MK tackled this question, each giving us very different responses!

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Hyojin picked the ballad singer Park Hyoshin!

It would be Park Hyoshin who is my role model. I would love to meet him in person to talk about music and songs over dinner.


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U’s answer was so sweet–but it also made us a little sad.

It would be my family! I couldn’t visit my family in Japan for some time due to COVID-19. I miss my family, so I want to have dinner with them and catch up on many things.


U. | WM Entertainment

As for MK, he would have loved the opportunity to meet the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

It would be Michael Jackson. Among the pop artists, he was the first artist I got to know. Since I was young, I have always respected Michael Jackson. I would have loved the opportunity to meet him in person.


MK. | WM Entertainment

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