Woman Claiming To Be YG Employee Allegedly Suicides Due To Overworking

“I’m sorry.”

It was revealed through an SNS posts that a Korean woman claiming to be an YG employee, who was known as Jie, allegedly took her own life on March 31st, 2018.

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Her previous posts expressed that she did not enjoy her work.

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“This isn’t fun for me.”


She also shared “dark” posts, often indicating that she could not sleep.

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“#Alone allday”

“I can’t sleep, What can I do?”


Then, a few days before the incident, her account shared a post explaining that she was exhausted from overwork and that no one was listening to her anymore. With the message, she added a photo of herself at the hospital as well as an image of the YG Entertainment logo.

“Again I have to sleep here, because of overwork. I work until I can’t walk. I cannot find a better way to express if it isn’t Instagram now, because after my messages to my work, my colleague, my friend, and more I do not receive any more answer from them. Suddenly my days became over 13 hours, usually now I can sleep just 3 hours until I come back to work. Everybody became distant until I didn’t exist anymore. I cannot even explain well now. I can’t do like this another day.”


This was followed by a final message she shared two days before she supposedly ended her life: “I’m sorry.


Although not for certain, many claim that Jie’s account was a false account that did not belong to an employee under YG Entertainment.