P1Harmony’s Intak Tests Positive For COVID-19

We hope he recovers soon!

Recently, Weverse posted an announcement online revealing that P1Harmony’s Intak tested positive for COVID-19. They revealed that a member of Intak’s family had cold-like symptoms during the Lunar New Year holiday, which ultimately resulted in a positive for Intak. Below is the full statement.

| Weverse

Hello this is FNC Entertainment. During the Lunar New Year holiday, a member of P1Harmony’s Intak showed cold symptoms while visiting his family home. On February 3, Intak conducted a self-testing kit and received a positive result. He then went under a PCR test and as of February 4, have been confirmed positive for COVID-19.

Members Keeho and Soul have gone through PCR tests as a precautionary measure as they were in contact with Intak on February 1. Both members received negative results as of February 4. Intak, who went into quarantine immediately after the results, did not have contact with the remaining members including Theo, Jiung, or Jongseob.

Currently, Intak is feeling minor symptoms of a sore throat. The other P1Harmony members and staff will continue to take PCR tests as precautionary measures to watch out for any dormancies. We will also cancel or postpone all P1Harmony schedules, including the fan sign event, for the safety of everyone.

Source: sports khan