A Handsome Student Making Everyone Swoon At A Korean University Is Thought To Actually Be Actor Park Bo Gum

Imagine being a student and sitting beside Park Bo Gum in a lecture!

Most netizens like to assume that their favorite Korean celebrities are just normal people like them that go about their daily lives. However, for many, this just doesn’t seem like something that could ever happen. With fame, talent, and visuals, they seem like a world away from having a normal life.

But what if you were just going about your daily lives and saw your favorite actor doing the same daily activities as everyone else? Well, that’s what exactly with actor Park Bo Gum.

Actor Park Bo Gum | @parkb0gum/Instagram

Park Bo Gum was recently discharged from his official military responsibilities as part of the Korean Navy.

| @parkb0gum/Instagram

He has since had a full-on schedule after traveling to Paris with BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa for a CELINE fashion show, hanging out with V at an art exhibition, and much more.

Park Bo Gum in Paris
Park Bo Gum and V at an exhibition | @nln5/Twitter

Well, after finishing his enlistment, Park Bo Gum is also balancing his life as a normal person and an actor. It has been announced that the actor will be starring alongside a huge cast of fellow actors and actresses in the show Youth MT.

Poster for “Youth MT” | TVING

Park Bo Gum “Youth MT” team | @parkb0gum/Instagram

Yet, it also seems like he is living the full student life. While serving in the navy, it was announced that the actor would be studying for a Masters degree in Music at Sangmyung University.

The actor previously graduated from Myongji University in Yongin after studying to be a musical theater major.

Well, it seems like the actor is continuing his studies. On several Korean forums and news outlets, photos were shared by a netizen who saw Park Bo Gum at Sangmyung University in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

| Insight

In the photos, which many presumed to be Park Bo Gum with his handsome visuals and aura, he was walking around the campus of the university. The man was dressed in a striped shirt, black pants, and white shoes and was wearing a black backpack.

| Insight
| Insight

When the images were shared online, Korean netizens couldn’t get enough, commenting “Oppa” and “Heol,” which is an exclamative used to show shock or disbelief.

Yet, it isn’t the first time a Korean celebrity has shown that they are just like everyone else. Back in 2021, a user shared a story for an OP who explained that she was sent a picture by her friend, who was in a class watching her fellow students do presentations in English.

She then noticed that one of the students who was doing his presentation was called Lee Dongmin, but they thought it had to be ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo!

| @ongdongminn/ Twitter

With such a busy schedule, it is shocking that Korean celebrities continue to do so much with their time. Park Bo Gum has always been praised for his impeccable work ethic, and even now, he continues to find ways to improve.

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Source: Insight and theqoo