Actor Park Bo Gum Revealed To Have Secretly Volunteered At An Orphanage For 7 Years

A complete angel.

As if he wasn’t enough of an angel already, on the 9th of September, a news outlet, OSEN, revealed that through research they had found out that actor Park Bo Gum had steadily been volunteering at the same orphanage for 7 years, up to his enlistment on the 31st of August 2020.

Park Bo Gum has been volunteering since 2013 at an orphanage, taking charge of cleaning, playing and taking care of the children, as well as other responsibilities. It is reported that Park Bo Gum made every effort to meet the children, remembering all their names and faces as well, treating them like real younger siblings.

Park Bo Gum reportedly wanted to meet with the children before his enlistment, but coronavirus precautions and social distancing prevented him from doing so. It is said that the children had written him letters before his enlistment. He also donated financially to the orphanage.

Park Bo Gum made his debut in 2011, with a minor role in the movie Blind, hitting fame with his portrayal of Choi Taek in Answer Me 1988. He is currently serving in the army. His most recent drama, Record of Youth, is now airing on Netflix and tvN.

Source: OSEN via Chosun