Park Bom’s Agency Responds to Recent Rumors Surrounding Her Appearance at the 56th Grand Bell Awards

Park Bom recently made headlines for looking different at the 56th Grand Bell Awards.

Singer Park Bom recently made headlines for her changed appearance at the 56th Grand Bell Awards, but Park Bom’s agency, D-Nation clarified that despite the rumors, she did not get additional plastic surgery.

At the recent film awards ceremony which took place in Seoul Korea, Park Bom walked the red carpet looking gorgeous in a checkered two-piece outfit, but fans noticed that she seemed to have gained more weight than usual.

In a statement with News1, D-Nation stressed that Park Bom gained a little bit of weight, but that her health is in good condition.

Park Bom had a hard time for a while because she was stressed. So we told her to be comfortable until her next album comes out, so she spent a relaxing time while maintaining her statima, which led to some weight gain. She simply took some time off.

– D-Nation

Regarding the rumors surrounding her plastic surgery, D-Nation clarified,

Some are even saying she got additional plastic surgery, but that’s not true. She’s preparing for an album this year, and before then, she plans on maintaining her body and showing off a completely different look. Look forward to Park Bom’s new appearance.

– D-Nation

Source: Dispatch