Park Bom To Appear On Netflix’s “YG Future Strategy Office”

The queen is back.

Park Bom will be appearing on the upcoming Netflix Original Series, YG Future Strategy Office, which is set to begin airing on October 5th!


Park Bom shared her excitement for the new series through a post on her SNS account captioned, “Tommorow is October 5th, finally the day YG Future Strategy Office begins. It’s been so long so I’m really excited.”


Along with her post was an image of what looks like a scene from the new sitcom.


YG Entertainment and Netflix’s YG Future Strategy Office stars Seungri, who is in charge of the department where the troublemakers of YG are supposedly sent to. The plot will revolve around Seungri as he tries to save YG Entertainment and return to his original position.


Park Bom is expected to appear on an episode of the series as one of the numerous cameos on the program.

“Park Bom will be appearing on YG Future Strategy Office. She has already finished filming and will appear as one of the many special cameos set to appear on the series.” ㅡ Netflix


As it will be her first broadcast appearance in 5 years since her drug scandal, many are looking forward to seeing the star on TV once again!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and Dispatch