Park Bom’s Fans Trend “#RAPEDOLL_OUT” After Reporter Compares Her To Sex Doll

Fans are furious at the comparison.

Park Bom‘s fans have trended two different hashtags in support of Park Bom after a reporter compared her to a sex doll.

It all started after a reporter, who has since deleted the article, compared Park Bom at an event to a “real” doll.

‘Park Bom’ The strong feeling of a real doll.

— writer Kim Sung Jin

A “real doll” in Korean is a term used for a sex doll.

In response, her Korean fans trended two hashtags: #리얼돌수입허용판결규탄시위 (We Condemn The Importing Of Sex Dolls) and #RAPEDOLL_OUT_강간인형_전면금지 (#RAPEDOLL_OUT_RAPEDOLL_Total Ban)

Park Bom’s international fans have also come out in full support of her, making sure that they do all that they can to only let her see positive news.