Park Bom Releases MV Teaser Featuring 2NE1 Member Sandara Park

The Ssang Parks are back!

Park Bom released a new music video teaser for her upcoming solo comeback, “Spring”, and this time, it featured her former member Sandara Park!


The video features multiple shots of Dara looking solemn and gloomy, while dressed in glittery red and black outfits.


The same audio from her first teaser plays in the background as the last scene pans from Dara to Park Bom who’s sitting behind her.


Park Bom uploaded the teaser to her Instagram, praising “Dara who’s gotten prettier~


“Spring” is set to drop on the 13th at 6pm KST. Park Bom’s first solo comeback in 8 years will feature her former 2NE1 member, Dara, and it is produced by Brave Brothers.


Park Bom will also be making her first music show performance on M Countdown on the 14th!